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007 - Quarteira Mission is an outdoor activity that will take you and your team on an exciting mission through Quarteira and surroundings, as agents of the MI6's 00's division.

A former agent of your division, after being kicked out for selling secrets of the agency, decided to take revenge and he now claimes to have a devastating explosive device in an emblematic location of London. Because he thinks that no one at the agency has as many skills and intelligence as he does, he left a series of puzzles that, when solved, allow us to get the bomb deactivation code. When analyzing the puzzles, MI6 realized that solving them is only possible in the city of Quarteira, and it was there that they quickly sent you.

It is therefore necessary that you use your teamwork skills, focus and dexterity, as well as your sense of orientation, to try to get the code while discovering the city of Quarteira. But of course, before it's too late!

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Game details:

- Estimated average duration: 120 to 150 minutes
- Languages: Text translatable to browser language

- Maximum number of participants: 15

- Value of the game per person, depending on the number of players:



- Requires at least one participant aged 18 or over
- Material needed: Smartphone with internet access and compass

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